The Board of Management is elected every 4 years and comprises of 2 Nominee of the Patron, 2 Nominees of the teachers, 2 Nominees of the parents (one father and one mother) and 2 agreed Nominees of the wider community. The Board of Management is responsible for the direct governance of the school.

The current Board of Management were elected in November 2019 and will sit until 2023.

Members of the current Board of Management are;

  • Owen Hurley – Chairperson – Patrons Nominee
  • Ellen Murray – Treasurer – Community Nominee
  • Yvonne O Brien – Community Nominee
  • Billy O Connor – Secretary – School Nominee
  • Laura Butler – School Nominee
  • Therese O Donnell – Parents Nominee
  • John Gaffney – Parents Nominee
  • Mary Curtin – Patrons Nominee